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My offers on houses keep being rejected or outbid. What should I do?
With the recent increases in rentals and home sales, mortgage rates historically low, and lack of inventory more consumers are buying and sellers are holding to their asking price. Additionally, with Kent Co sales averaging 94% of asking price, sellers contributions for closing costs are less than even a year ago.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information about crime in an area I am looking to buy?
Answer: www.city-data.com or www.zipskinny.com

How long does it normally take from contract acceptance to settlement when I am handed my keys?
That depends. Much depends on the type of financing, what type of property you are purchasing and how efficiently you work with your mortgage professional and REALTOR®. For example, if you are purchasing a short sale, though it may be a great value, it may average 6 months regardless of type of financing. However, if you purchase FHA as a first time homebuyer, in a turnkey home with no repairs you can settle in 30-45 days. USDA financing is averaging approx. 60 days in today’s market and cash buyers can settle in as little as 15 days. Your mortgage professional is your best resource for determining what type of financing best suits your needs.

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